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Tips for selecting a painting

Hanging a painting on the wall is the best way not only to fill the space, but also to add color to the interior. The creative team at offers canvases of different themes, sizes and genres. We do not write, we print them on canvas using quality materials and modern technologies. The result is high quality paintings. However, it is not enough to know where to buy a quality product, it is also important to understand how to choose the right option. The tips below will help you not to make a mistake and buy a painting that is harmoniously combined with the interior and pleasing to the eye.

How to Choose a Genre
When choosing paintings for the wall, it is necessary to take into account the style of the interior of the room in which it will be located. Common genres that fit most modern interiors:
● minimalism - simple paintings, often done in several colors;
● abstraction - original patterns, lines and whimsical elements;
● pop art and street art - modern trends, suitable for fashionable interiors;
● landscape and still life - are widely used in kitchens, halls, guest rooms;
● nude - usually suitable for bedroom decoration.
Pay attention to the style of the room. If it is classic, then pictures with nature, in the style of minimalism, will look optimal. If the apartment or house is made in high-tech style, pop art, street art, fashion and other trends will be relevant.
What else to pay attention to
Usually such canvases are hung on the wall to give them a bright accent. Therefore, they should not blend in with the surface and look dull. When deciding to buy a painting, try to also take into account:
● its size;
● shape;
● frame and its quality;
● color range.
In the online catalog, you can find suitable paintings for interiors, decorated in both classic and modern styles. Their price will be reasonable and the quality will be exceptional.
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